Rivers and Caves

This walk departs from the Greymouth Railway Station at 11.00 am each morning. Pre-booking is essential to guarantee that a guide will be available. Begin by walking across the Cobden Bridge with views of Mawheranui the Grey River and the town of Greymouth. Take a short walk along the river to reach the entrance to the Cobden Cave. Total time 60 minutes including the return to the Railway Station.

This is a short and level walk with generally good quality walking paths. It can be accomplished by most people with a modicum of fitness. One does not require special walking shoes, but shoes that are comfortable and good for walking should be worn. There are plenty of historical sites on this walk, and you can enter the first chamber of the cave quite easily.

Be aware that temperatures along the river can be cooler than in town, and the wind can be forceful and cold. Please dress appropriately for the expected conditions.

All tours include commentary by professional storytellers.
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Cost $20.00
Cobden Cave Greymouth Mawhera