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Groovy & Gritty - Greymouth

Get gritty, grounded and garrulous in Groovy Golden Greymouth. Discover a town founded on gold and built on coal – surrounded by pristine rainforests, exceptional rivers, and magnificent mountains. Explore the last untamed natural wilderness, with 85% of the West Coast now administered by the Department of Conservation. Wander into the wonders of West-Coast history on these walking tours of Greymouth.

  • Walk along the banks of the mighty Grey River / Mawheranui, the lifeblood of town and province.
  • Risk the unique but chilly Greymouth “Barber” a katabatic wind “that cuts to the bone”. A meteorological wonder found in only a handful of places worldwide.
  • Immerse yourself in Maori legends of our origins and be inspired by early European history.
  • Delve into the history of the buildings and structures that make up Greymouth. Feel the grit and stone of a community founded on gold, and built on coal.

Tours are lead by world-renowned storyteller Andy Wright with over 25 years of experience performing throughout Asia, America, Europe, and Australasia.

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Greymouth Barber

Chill out with the Barber

Take a chance on the Greymouth Barber – a razor cold wind that “cuts to the bone”. It isn’t easy to find an enhanced katabatic wind, and the Greymouth Barber is one of the few examples worldwide. Stand firm as the sharp blade of the wind followed by a stampede of fog and mist escape through the Greymouth Gap into the wider world. Ask any local and they will tell you “keep your hat on, or get a free haircut”. more

Walks commence at 7.30am from the Greymouth Railway Station (duration 105 Minutes) Cost $20.00
Pre-booking is essential Booking Link

King Domain Greymouth

Live like a King

Majestic views and stunning panoramas await the brave, agile and kingly. Climb to the top of King Domain for magnificent views across the Tasman Ocean and the Grey Valley. Zig and Zag your way up this steep hill, to gain breathtaking views from 4 distinct lookouts, with panoramas of mountains, oceans, towns and the Grey Valley. more

Walks commence at 1pm from the Greymouth Railway Station (duration 150 Minutes) Cost $30.00
Pre-booking is essentialBooking Link

Lions Walk Greymouth

Mountain Lions

Spring into action - walk with the pride of a lion, and the agility of a gazelle as you take this short walk into the Rapahoe Range Scenic Reserve. Climb steadily uphill through native bush-land before reaching a panoramic lookout with views of Greymouth the Tasman Sea and the Southern Alps. more

Walks commence at 1pm from the Greymouth Railway Station (duration 105 Minutes) Cost $20.00
Pre-booking is essentialBooking Link

Cobden Cave Greymouth

Rivers and Caves

Dare to explore as you take a short walk along the Grey River to the entrance of the Cobden Cave. The large first chamber can be entered without a torch and offers a great opportunity for a holiday selfie. A narrow slot gives access and views beyond the first chamber however inexperienced cavers should stay in the first chamber. more

Walks commence at 11am from the Greymouth Railway Station (duration 60 Minutes) Cost $20.00
Pre-booking is essentialBooking Link

greymouth wharf
Find your G-Spot
Get Groovy and Garrulous in Golden Gritty Greymouth. No Grumps. No Grouches. Just Good times and Great walks. Gyrate with joy as you discover the ultimate G-spots in Greymouth. Take this 90 minute walk around the Greymouth CBD to discover the legends and history of this Groovy town, founded on Gold and built on coal. more
Walks commence at 5pm from the Greymouth Railway Station (duration 90 minutes) Cost $20.00
Pre-booking is essentialBooking Link